Paula Junyent studied fashion design in Florence, surrounded by art, music, romanticism and creativity. She was trained in an international setting full of diversity, where creativity and originality took precedence over the conventional. Under the influence of great artist and fashion professors, Paula began to believe in her potential, to express her ideas and to forge her own path as a designer. It was a long and sometimes misunderstood journey, but it brought her to found her own brand, Pj Barcelona, and to show her enormous passion for fashion.

She gets inspiration from many different sources, from painting, travel, and her lifestyle to conversations and experiences, and of course the routine of the day to day.

Pj Bcn’s pieces stand out primarily for their comfort, and enjoy a chic and dreamy style with sporty details and an indisputable Italian influence, but with more daring finishing touches born of the sensations transmitted by the vibrant city of Barcelona.

The women who wear Pj Bcn might be defined as feminine, passionate about fashion, smiling at life, active, energetic... in short, women with thier own style.

All of the company’s pieces are carefully produced at the atelier and shop in Santa Perpetua de Moguda in Barcelona: 100% Barcelona handmade.