A brand founded by a woman and for women

PJ Barcelona is a fashion brand founded in Barcelona by Paula Junyent, based on the fundamentals of self-confidence, femininity and individuality. Created for women with attitude, fearless to take risks and forge their own path.

“Our mission is designing clothes that inspire and embody strong, beautiful and daring women.”


The beginnings

PJ Barcelona was born from the desire to be reinvented and create unique garments. Influenced by Australia and Italy, countries where Paula lived and was able to experience their trends.

he art, romanticism and classicism of Italy with the freshness and vitality of Australia, began to give shape to the brand and provide a trademark.

A fusion of comfort and modernity

PJ Barcelona is characterized by casual, feminine and everyday designs, but at the same time for willing to go one step further than what is already created. Giving a risky touch to garments, by adapting them to current trends without leaving comfort aside.

Fluid dresses and love for flowers are distinguishing features that give life to the brand.

100% Produced in Barcelona

The production is entirely made in Spain. The designs are manufactured locally in Barcelona with a complete quality control process and a meticulous choice of the textiles.

For individual women without fear of taking risks

The brand values are focused on femininity, singularity, curiosity and passion. These credentials are reflected in PJ women. Strong and fearless women, with a daring attitude and their own style.

“Each collection manifests
the creation of a new world...


...designed for today's woman.”